Louisiana File Online

Individual Tax Options

Business Tax Options

  • Parish E-File
  • Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point (LaTAP)
  • Click LaTAP button above to access your business tax account information online with options to update addresses & make payments (also many tax forms can be filed - Automobile Rental, Beer Tax, Excise Gasoline and Special Fuels, Withholding L1s, Sales Tax, Hotel/Motel, and N.O. Exhibition Hall).

  • W2/L3 Annual Reconciliation (LaWage)
  • Severance Oil and Gas Filing Program
  • Business Tax Credit Card Payments
  • Composite Partnership Tax

Claim Citizen's Insurance Refund

  • You may claim the Louisiana Citizens Property Insurance Corporation assessment refund with this option or on your individual income tax return, but not on both. Claiming the refund on both will delay your individual income tax return for review.

  • Claim Your Citizens Insurance Rebate